The Advantages of a Kinetico Water Softener

Dean Johnson of TV’s Hometime, a long time Kinetico customer, talks about the advantages of owning a Kinetico twin tank, demand operated, non-electric water softener.

Why Kinetico?

Dean Johnson from TV’s Hometime talks about Kinetico. As a Kinetico customer for over fifteen years, he shares his experiences with the company and its high quality, innovative water treatment products.

Your Kinetico Water Consultation

Dean Johnson of TV’s hometime discusses what to expect when your Kinetico water professional arrives to conduct your home water analysis and plumbing audit.

Kinetico – The Importance of Having Your Water Tested

Dean Johnson of TV’s Hometime talks about water quality issues and the importance of having your water tested to determine what may be in your water.

Kinetico – How a Water Softener Works

Ever wonder how that water softener in your basement or garage actually works? Let Stuart Park, Senior Engineer at Kinetico, and Mr. Resin, explain it.

Water Softeners: Single Tank Electric vs. Multi-tank Non-electric

Dean Johnson of TV’s Hometime explains the benefits of Kinetico’s revolutionary twin-tank non-electric system, as compared with all the others.

Chef Steve Schimoler – Kinetico Customer Testimonials

Chef and accomplished flavor expert Steve Schimoler shares how Kinetico water treatment products have revolutionized the way his award-winning Cleveland restaurant, Crop Bistro and Brewery, uses water in cooking, beverages and cleaning. Flavor is an obvious benefit of reverse osmosis water, but operational cost savings and less time spent cleaning and polishing glassware are a few of the other, less obvious benefits.

Think Kinetico – Whole House Water Conditioning

Kinetico whole house water systems, rid water of hardness causing minerals for the most luxurious soft water and filters nearly everything from your homes drinking water that isn’t water.